Starting a new job...

What will happen? How will it be? These are normal questions that go through your mind every single time you start a new job. Being out of your comfort zone is always a bit scary at the beginning…. You tell yourself (a little too many times): “This is something normal that happens to everyone” and “Just try to relax it is normal”. In fact, challenging yourself is the only way you can learn to think and perform better. It is important to always try to evolve, every day, more and more.

You can always prepare and try to be as ready as possible, but in the end, you shall always expect an unexpected scenario. The only thing you can do is to belief in yourself and be your truest self. Because what you will find is an amazing group of welcoming people, that shows you a much more relaxed and approachable work environment.

The start-up scene is well known for its hands-on style. You are provided with an opportunity, not only to meet a lot of new people, but also to network with people that have a deep passion about their company, product, job, and so many other aspects.

And of course, this is not only happening in Portugal, all around Europe and the world you find people working on becoming bigger and better. In so many ways, from serious health problems to simple things in your day-to-day life, that probably you have never given a second taught. So many different perspectives on how the world works, definitely shaping your view of the world every time you listen to a pitch. About areas or sectors, you are not even familiar with, but you are able to empathise with the teams pursuing their goals because of how they share their story and creation way with such a relatable touch.

A collection of people that believe that innovation can happen in a constantly growing scale aiming at improving lives in a gigantic ray of different ways. Where a first failure is an opportunity to pivot. Even though this area is seen as the one of the ´little guys´ it is where everything is evolving and happening all at once. And it is good to realize that you are in a place where you can help others following their dreams and build their enterprises, even if it is scary at first.

Yours truly,

Beatriz Riscado