Strategies for fundraising by Otito Dosumu | Ask The Experts Series

Startups are in a constant search for two fundamental things: capital and talent. Without these two ingredients of the recipe, the startup ends up failing.

According to CBInsights, 29% of the startups fail for lack of money. Since raising capital is the most important and time-consuming job for a CEO, we decided to talk about it. Our Digital and Deep Tech Project Manager, Otito Dosumu, has compiled some tips on how to get fundraising, and today we share them with you.

One of Otito’s tip on fundraising is to look for investors that are financing projects within your industry. Remember: you want smart money. You want investment but also knowledge about the industry. One thing you can do in order to choose the right investor for your startup is to find out who has been leading investments within your industry. You can look at investors’ Twitter feeds, Linkedin profiles, or look at their articles on platforms like Medium, for example. You can also look for investors doing a Google search or searching databases like Dealroom, Crunchbase, PitchBook, and so many others. You can even look at your competitors and see who has invested in them.

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You can learn more about this topic and learn the other tips by watching Otito's video below:

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