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Takeaway lessons from Netflix's “Inventing Anna” for adventurous and ambitious entrepreneurs

Last month, Netflix released a new tv show that caught our entrepreneurial eye. It’s called “Inventing Anna” and it’s worth every minute spent watching it.

Colorized poster of tv show Inventing Anna, on an orange background and the face of a girl with glasses on and one hand holding them. A title with "Inventing Anna" and a subtitle with "Inspired by the true story of a total fake" can be read in this image

To quickly summarize, it talks about the con artist Anna Sorokin, better known as Anna Delvey, a fake German heiress, with caviar dreams and champagne taste who managed to get into every checkbook of New York’s elite, making them believe that she had a $60 million trust fund (spoiler alert: she didn’t).

Even though the show depicts the “completely true, except for the parts that are totally made up” story of a criminal and all the crimes she committed, the truth is, as ironic as it may sound, there are some key lessons for every entrepreneur out there. Curious? Let’s go through each one of them:

1. You must have the right relationships. And here's why:

Excellent work is fundamental to getting ahead, but the next step is to have the right relationships, because you want to do business with people you know, like and trust. Most importantly this has to be reciprocated. Only this way can your ambitions and dreams evolve into something bigger.

We know that it may be difficult to know who the right people are, but once you know how you can grow your network, you’re set. The key is to build genuine relationships that result in people liking you and trusting you enough to want to do business with you or mention your name in important conversations.

2. Mentorship and sponsorship:

Throughout the show, Anna managed to get Nora’s attention to take her as her protege and introduce Anna to her high powered connections to get her all the help she could have to start up her Foundation (The Anna Delvey Foundation, or ADF, as she called it). Only through Nora’s connection, was Anna able to get her project underway. However, she managed this through manipulating and taking advantage of her mentor’s goodwill, by wracking up all kinds of bills and then leaving her.

two men, both wearing black coats shaki, one of them holding a brown bag and shaking hands and a woman on the right with a black bag on her left side and a gray coat

Another important character here is Alan Reed, the lawyer who vouches for Anna and helps her to access funds from the banks for her project. He was her sponsor (who was willing to put his image and reputation on the line for her, supposedly genuine ambitions and work). Alan introduced her to many high powered banking officials and helped her open new doors that, otherwise, wouldn’t be open. But, just like it happened with Nora, Anna misled him.

So, if there is one thing we want you to take away from this is: make sure that you let your convictions and ambitions about a project and your excellent work be such that people take notice and willingly want to help you with further processes on your journey.

3. Stable and clear plans to achieve your goals:

As devious as her intentions were, the truth is that Anna had a mapped out plan of how everything had to go in order to get what she wanted. She knew exactly who she needed to have around her to help her make it happen and how she should go about her plan. You, too, must have a clear plan to achieve exactly what you want, except yours should not land you in jail.