The Bootcamp … What a week!

Hello Everyone, I am Sami Haraketi and I am BGI’s Graphic Designer.

When I started my internship at BGI I did not expect that I would learn so much in just a few weeks, every day I get to improve some of my hard and soft skills. Since I came here I have felt valued, the team is super friendly and funny and the work environment is so positive that it encourages me to work harder, to advance and to improve myself at every level.

I think the week of the Bootcamp has been one of the most important weeks in my career so far.

When I saw the schedule of the Bootcamp week I was like:

The first thought that crossed my mind was that this is a challenge and I have to prove to myself that I am capable of doing it. In one week I had to meet over 30 startups and to create a poster and a brochure for each one of them in just a few days. I spent the weekend preparing myself mentally so I can handle all the pressure, but when the week started it turned out to be much easier and pleasant than what I expected , I had a lot of fun working hard and proving to myself everyday that I am capable of going beyond my limits. As well as meeting the startups, hearing their ideas, stories, work plans, achievements and goals was so educational and inspirational, with each meeting I explored new ways of reasoning, setting goals and making plans.