The Earth doesn’t need us, but we need the Earth | BGI

Although the current Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to minimizing pollution, climate change remains the greatest environmental threat of the 21st century, with profound consequences in several areas: environmental, social and economic. All of us, without exception, are being affected by this issue. Nature, governments, economies and, very important to remember, us. There is no doubt that human activity is the main cause of these changes, because since the beginning of the industrial revolution, man has promoted the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But if on the one hand we are the problem, on the other we are the solution. How can we solve this? One good suggestion is by progressively eliminating the massive use of fossil fuels and replacing them with renewable energies.

The European Union is aware of this problem and has been working to promote a more sustainable future. One of the European Union goals presented in the "Sus