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The Greatest Bootcamp is ON and these are the participating startups

The most intense and productive week of 2021 has already begun! The Greatest Bootcamp is an annual event organized by BGI where startups from different programs (BGI Accelerator, EIT Digital Venture Program, Bio-All Gear Box Accelerator and EIT Climate-KIC MED ClimAccelerator ) come together to learn from the best how to improve several aspects of their ventures.

Sofia Fernandes with her back to the camera speaking to an audience of entrepreneurs at BGI's 2018 Bootcamp

We are talking about 5 days, 5 different topics (Pitch, Marketing, Investment, Legal & Financials and Financials), 4 programs, 24 startups and over 60 mentors.

With the amount of information we see circulating online these days about how to run a startup and avoid mistakes, we might ask ourselves "what's new in participating in the BGI Bootcamp?" Well, we bring you the highly vetted network, made up of members with the real experience of those who have been in the entrepreneurs' shoes. During this week, startups have the possibility to establish a relationship with an incredible network made up of entrepreneurs who failed, managed to overcome barriers, and now can share their success story and guide other entrepreneurs. The BGI network is made up of relevant stakeholders ranging from companies looking for open innovation to investors looking for the next success story. Plus, we bring you the main players in the national and international ecosystem, who can really take you further.

All these members are decisive for our startups to know how to raise money to implement their pilot, market their product, and grow! This is the same network that has helped us to be one of the most successful accelerators on a national scale, having already 7 exits and 1 unicorn in our portfolio and having helped our alumni to create close to 300 M euros!

With the support of these mentors, we believe that this new batch of talented entrepreneurs has great potential to be part of the next BGI success stories. In fact, you can get to know some of them and see for yourself. For that, just join us tomorrow (July 2) at The BGI Ultimate Demo Day and hear the pitches of the BGI Accelerator startups.

For now, check out all the incredible startups participating in the Bootcamp:

BGI Accelerator

  1. Prixmon

  2. Izipoint

  3. 1fxsol

  4. DocVox

  5. ExxoTrade

  6. NEXTON Srl

EIT Digital Venture Program

  1. Build Together

  2. Senior Support


  4. Neutralize-C

  5. eBreathie

  6. Talent Protocol

Bio-All Gear Box Accelerator