The Internship

For me, starting to work as an intern at BGI was like going to a business meeting and realizing halfway through the door that it was a friendly party. All the happiness of the team mixed with the constant jokes gives everybody a motivation and a feeling of belonging that would make Google feel jealous.

Me when I got to the office the first time:

I knew in my interview that this internship wouldn’t be the classic coffee serving one, I knew it would be hands on kind of job, and it so it was. On the first day my objective was to contact some awesome start-ups, with some future sci-fi technologies only seen in movies, to tell them about Climate KIC, our acceleration program focused on clean-tech.

While I was still trying to understand exactly what “Climate KIC” was, I heard Sofia saying: Go through all the explanation details I gave you and after saying out loud why don’t you just start calling some start-ups and see how it goes? After 3 calls I could tell faster the info about the program than I could my own full name.

Me while calling start-ups :