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The ultimate... Week!

Last week was C.R.A.Z.Y.

So crazy that only now I found time to write you this (right on time for you to read at the beach ;)

If for some reason you haven't keep up with our events I'll put you up to date!

Few months ago the "builders" were looking into the timeline and planing our 18 programs and soon realized we had 5 acceleration program where in each they will have to receive training, mentoring and networking. So... why not do it together?

The ultimate bootcamp was born. 5 days, 5 programs, 33 startups, 68 mentors.

Truth to be said, now-a-days capacitation and information about how to build a company is everywhere, only in Lisbon you have over 20 acceleration programs, you can even buy books, go to Youtube or even TedTalks. But that's just it. What BGI brings is the highly vetted network. The serial entrepreneur who has failed, succeed and now is an investor. The corporate who is looking for open innovation. The investors, who is eager to find the next potential unicorn. Those that are key players in the ecosystem, who truly can take you to the next level. That is what BGI brings you. A close relationship with an incredible network, who honestly has made us half way closer to be the biggest tech Portuguese accelerator when it comes to capital raised - 206 000 000 euros. Yes that's true. You can check all about it as well as all our active alumni and startups here.

But that's not just it.

We've decided to prize the best pitches in each of the 5 programs. If you are working or involved with the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem, you should definitely check them out. Here it goes:

Also, with the end of this bootcamp it was also the end of our summer internships. Well, according to the good old American movies the summer internships are all about taking copies and getting your boss a great coffee latte. Not here. Our "builders" go from dealing with c-level people to startups, office hours with investors, design of marketing material for our startups or even managing social media. They truly enter the entrepreneurial lives and build amazing things that have impact in our's and startups' lives. And for that, here goes one of the best caption of last week with our dearest interns.

Since we are into the mood of being grateful, we may never forget the investors, corporates and mentors that were present in our bootcamp. They are decisive for our startups to raise money for the implementation of the pilot, for commercialization of their product, and to start getting traction and grow. Without you this would never be possible. Thank you for helping us succeed on building the new generation of successful startups!

Last but not least, thank you @EITDigital @EITClimateKIC @EITFood @IdanhaMunicipality to continuously support innovation and making sure that together we will make a better 🌍!

Sofia Fernandes