The Upside of the Coronavirus

In the previous blog post we talked about health startups that can contribute to fight the coronavirus, facilitating the work of health professionals and enhancing the comfort of patients. Following what we said, we will now present a new group of startups, whose innovations will be able to respond to the needs and improve the lives of the Portuguese population during this difficult period.

The virus was already alarming several European countries when, on February 4, 2020, the first two suspected cases appeared in Portugal. Less than a month later, on March 2, the first two infected were confirmed: a 60 and a 33 years old both men. Today, April 6, there are 11,730 cases and we have not yet reached the high disease level. Given these figures, how are the Portuguese reacting? What care are they taking? We cannot deny the reckless decision of some Portuguese who took advantage of the quarantine to sunbathe at our coast beaches. However, and despite the fact that many people - mostly elderly - seem to resist the authorities' recommendations, there has been a greater awareness among the population regarding the danger of this virus. In addition, Portugal took measures in a timely manner, preventing the rapid spread of the disease. The “Barómetro”, a research project carried out by Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública in partnership with Expresso, revealed that Portugal was quicker than Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom to take measures to combat COVID-19. In concrete terms, social exclusion, school closings, suspension of events and services, among other measures already known to all, were quickly followed.

Although Portugal presents a more stable scenario than other European countries, there are still dilemmas and challenges to be faced during this epidemic. In fact, COVID-19 created a real medieval dilemma in the middle of the 21st century: how to fight a "disguised", contagious and - in specific cases - deadly virus, without having complete control of the mobility of those who transport it? The answer to this question is not simple and, although BGI does not have an immediate solution to this dilemma, it can help to minimize the consequences of it and make our lives more pleasant. Over the past decade, BGI has acquired valuable partnerships with credible organizations around the world, to develop acceleration and non-acceleration projects that are sustainable, innovative, disruptive and with the potential to meet the challenges of the current century. To the date, BGI's acceleration program has helped launch 143 projects on the market. Now it's time for these startups to help us all.

  1. Straight Teeth Direct

Due to the isolation, visits to the doctor and the dentist should be made in case of extreme urgency. Otherwise, they must be avoided. If you planned to treat your smile in the near future and now you can't do it, we have a suggestion for you. Straight Teeth Direct helps you to straighten your teeth between 5 to 9 weeks with invisible aligners sent to your home. This way you save up to 70% and avoid trips to the dentist. Also, you are entitled to monthly reviews online, which comes in handy at this point.

  • InnovationCast

InnovationCast is collaborative innovation management software that helps companies engage people to co-create ideas and bring them to life. This allows you to have strong ideas faster, test ideas without breaking the bank, take ideas to the finish line and discover unforeseen possibilities.

  • eSolidar

eSolidar is a new way for people to be able to support the social causes and non-profit organizations they most identify with and care about. It's like an online solidarity store. You can buy, sell, donate and more. Registration with eSolidar is free and allows people to support non-profit organizations in whatever way is most comfortable for them.

  • DoDoc

DoDOC is a real-time creation tool with tracking changes for complex documents. It optimizes all stages of your documentation processes, allowing for quick collaboration and full traceability. For those who are working from home, this can be a great solution.

  • Shiptimise

Shiptimise is a digital logistics management solution for online stores. You can choose between multiple carriers and save time and money on your shipments. It optimizes your shipments by automating some of the most time-consuming processes (e.g. shipping/return labels), bringing together different options for shipping records, carriers, sales channels, among others in a simple online platform. In addition, it has customer service to help you deal with any logistical matter.


BigAR is an app that helps you track the value of your cards, so that you can make better decisions and save money. In addition to being useful, it is also fun! You can consult new prices everyday, the current market value, the gain / lost value, graphs and statistics, among others.

  • Fineposture

Now that you work at home, have you maintained a good posture? Are you one of those who works at the desk or lying on the couch? Maintaining a correct posture is very important. FinePosture has a solution for your health. It helps you perfect your posture and get a healthier lifestyle with zero back pain.

In conclusion, how can these startups help you? They will certainly not extinguish the virus, but they will allow a life as normal as possible, and above all, they will make it easier!