Tips for Entrepreneurs: 6 Market Trends in 2021

There were many aspects of our lives that were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic last year, and we all had to adapt to the “new normal”. New market and business trends are also a reflection of this adaptation. As people say, it is from crises that new opportunities are born.

Person in a suit pointing to a virtual chart where the year 2021 stands out

Today, many of the hopes are placed on entrepreneurship, one of the main jobs and innovation creators that can help with the economic and pandemic crisis. If you are an entrepreneur or if you are thinking about starting your own business, but you still don't know which is the best sector, we created this list to help you keep up with potential new business.

Meet 6 market trends for 2021:

1. Digital Education

One of the main trends worth keeping an eye on is the transition of education to digital. From professional training to school classes, classrooms have changed. Students who used computers in the past to do their assignments, today also use them to attend classes, make oral presentations and receive support from their teachers. There is an increasing need for accessible and democratized education, through digital. Infoproducts, online courses, eBooks, video classes, among other learning solutions are increasingly in demand. Thus, many business opportunities in this area may be successful in 2021.

2. E-Commerce

There is no doubt that online commerce has grown a lot in recent years, but we have never been more dependent on online and technologies as we are now. For this reason, many sectors and companies are making their transition to digital. Thus, an opportunity could be the creation of solutions that help to fill gaps left by the impossibility of carrying out conventional trade. Nowadays, a virtual store is much more beneficial than a physical store, not only allowing you to maintain sales and sell 24 hours a day, but also to expand sa