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Tips to keep your team motivated, remotely

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many companies took the first steps to ensure remote work: they acquired task monitoring tools, started to hold meetings by videoconference and converted all their events and initiatives to online.

But, a year later, some questions remain: how to keep my team/colleagues motivated and engaged to work from home? How to maintain relationships?

Decoration piece on a desk next to the laptop saying 'You got this'

Although many people find working from home very productive, others disagree. There is no doubt that many moments are lost when there is a screen between us and our team. From teamwork to socializing with colleagues... Therefore, strategies must be found to ensure that a lack of motivation does not prevent the company's success.

We know that this is possible. Some companies stood out during the pandemic, regardless of the challenges imposed. In other words, they adapted. The difference is in how you do it.

Today we share our tips:

Tip #1: Reflects on results, identifies points for improvement

In the workshop given this month by the Founder and CEO of Sonder People and Seekers Club, Fred Canto e Castro, one of the main ways to stay motivated and committed to achieving our goals, whether professional or personal, is to reflect weekly on our results, in order to analyze points of improvement and improve our plan. This is important to maintain our focus and the consistency of our actions, as "our results depend on what we do consistently over time". For example, losing weight is the result of eating well and exercising consistently. In the professional environment it is the same. And planning is one way to achieve this. Get your team together weekly and reflect on what you are achieving and how you could improve to achieve success more easily.

Tip #2: Empower your team

Working from home can bring a greater need for monitoring. Of course, leaders need to be aware of the progress of their company and their team. However, your team may feel less motivated with constant requests for updates. It is a good idea to continue to show that you trust your team and enable your team members to make important decisions and get the job done. Monitoring is important, but that doesn’t stop us from motivating the team and passing them the responsibility of managing their tasks and having something important on hand.

Tip #3: Take breaks and create moments to socialize

As we said, there are many office conversations that are lost, many jokes between colleagues, many lunch conversations... Socializing is important in a team because it creates bonds and increases the team's motivation and productivity as well. In remote work, you have to create moments for that and find new ways to keep the team engaged. At BGI we have what we call "BGI Virtual Coffee Break", a moment of pause on Thursdays where our "builders" meet only for chit-chat. These types of breaks and team bonding activities help to keep the team motivated. In addition, we always celebrate our team members' birthdays with a surprise video call, and small treats sent to their homes. It can be a breakfast, a birthday cake or a gift chosen by the team. Small gestures like these make all the difference.

Tip #4: Provide feedback

Feedback is important in the office, but especially when working from home. However, it is often overlooked. As they say, "out of sight, out of mind". So, if you are a leader and you are responsible for a team, be sure to provide feedback on the good work of your colleagues, and on how they can constantly improve. Never being harsh.