What makes Lisbon one of the best cities in Europe?

Lisbon is trendy. The capital of Portugal has been the focus of attention in recent years and has been rediscovered by thousands of tourists throughout the year. CNN considers it the "coolest" city in Europe, so today we present some reasons that make Lisbon an appealing city abroad.

View from Graça Viewpoint in Lisbon

1. People

Don't be fooled by the metropolitan life of Lisbon. Despite the city's fast pace, similar to other European cities, the people of Lisbon find a way to make the city welcoming, magical and vibrant. "Lisboetas", "alfacinhas" - as you prefer to call - are generally easy-going, affable people, who like to socialize, participate in events and parties. They are people who preserve their roots and their culture, and this is noticeable as soon as we arrive in the city. But despite incorporating culture in their routines and having typical Portuguese habits (b