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What to Expect From a BGI Bootcamp?

Not all accelerators have a bootcamp, and a 3-day event can feel like a long commitment. So what makes BGI Bootcamp worthwhile?

The BGI Bootcamp is an opportunity to learn, assess, network and impress. We can think of it as the "Tinder of Entrepreneurship", in which entrepreneurs have the opportunity to connect with investors, corporate and key partners in our network. BGI's role is to push the founders out of their comfort zone, make them challenge their own assumptions, and motivate them to talk to potential customers, partners and investors - with the goal that both parties "swipe right" and end up being a "match".

It works both ways: BGI wants to demonstrate the knowledge and experience that its team, mentors and partners can offer entrepreneurs; and entrepreneurs, in turn, want to assess whether BGI's acceleration programs are right for them, and whether they can leverage value through them. After all, this is a compromise on both sides.

BGI's 2nd Bootcamp is just around the corner and this time it will take place in person between October 27th and 29th - after the pandemic year that brought all of BGI's initiatives to virtual format.

The Bootcamp will be divided into three main topics: Investment, Sales and Networking.

The first day will be dedicated to addressing non-dilutive funding opportunities and trends in the agrifood, technology and bioeconomy sectors. Entrepreneurs will also have a workshop on how to make their companies' valuation and attend a Roundtable on accessing the US market. And, of course, they will be able to count on our help to improve their pitching skills.

The second day will be about Sales. Our founders will have the opportunity to analyze how their sales are going and discover the metrics they should be keeping. In addition, they will hear sessions on various topics: negotiation dynamics, marketing strategies and how to lead the effective sales force. At the end, they will have a Sales Role Play workshop.

Finally, on the third day it will be all about Networking. It's a day full of one-on-one meetings, startup introductions and lots of dialogue - both during activities and during breaks.

So, to answer the initial question... What makes a BGI Bootcamp worthwhile? Well, we would say that this is a unique opportunity that can change (and has already changed) the course of many startups, thanks to a highly vetted network, made up of the main players in the national and international ecosystem with true entrepreneurial experiences.

Check out our alumni's experiences and testimonies in the video below:

Although this is an exclusive event for our startups, we want you to be a part of it too and show your support. Therefore, we invite you to participate in the Demo Days we are organizing, in which startups from 3 acceleration programs - BGI Accelerator, Azores Accel and Bio-All - will present their ideas.

Sign up for the Bio-All Demo Day (28th)

Sign up for the Azores Accel Demo Day (29th)

Sign up for the BGI Accelerator Demo Day (29th)

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