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What to expect from the Scaleup Portugal Gala 2020?

In 2017, at the Web Summit in Lisbon, we faced the following question: what are the best Portuguese startups? This interrogation was made by several investors from the BGI and EIT Digital network, which made us think that we didn’t have the right answer. In fact, there was no concrete and objective data that revealed the best startups in Portugal. That was how the idea came up to produce a comprehensive report that presented the 25 best startups in the Portuguese ecosystem, based on the total funds received, total revenues, capital / revenue ratio and jobs created. So the Scaleup Portugal Report was born!

Given the success and growth of this project, this year we decided to take it to another level: holding a Gala to celebrate innovation and Portuguese talent. Thus, BGI and EIT Digital joined forces with Altice, Microsoft, ANI, IAPMEI, Informa, Sapo and The Square to reward the 25 best Portuguese startups present in the Scaleup Portugal 2020 report, which will be officially launched on gala day - November 26th.

Each of the 4 categories of startups - (i) Information and Communication Technology; (ii) CleanTech & Industry; (iii) Consumer & Web and (iv) Medical Devices & Health IT - will have a winner. In the end, we will announce the best of the best. The best of the 4 categories! Still, and because your opinion makes a difference, this year we created a new category: the People’s Choice Award. Exactly, you read well! This year, for the first time, the public will be able to choose its favorite startup, by voting on the gala page. Finally, 5 journalists and 5 investors in our network will distribute their 10 points over a list of 25 companies provided by BGI and elect an "Honorable Mention", a company that, despite not being a startup, has a fundamental role in the Portuguese startup ecosystem.

Did you think that was all? Don't be fooled, there are more prizes to give! In this gala you will also witness the EIT Digital Open Innovation Awards, the Altice International Innovation Award, and the ANI’s Born From Knowledge Award. We can't wait to find out the winners!

What else can you expect from this gala?

Many surprises, emotions, special guests and, above all, a huge recognition of the talent that exists in Portugal. Despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought, it is important to celebrate the successes and achievements in our community. For this reason, we have created a virtual gala, so that all safety requirements are met. The event will also be broadcast online on BGI's Youtube Channel and on Sapo's website.

You will not want to miss the Gala of the year!

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