What you should know before applying for an acceleration program

Being accepted into an acceleration program is a big step for entrepreneurs when starting their journey. But how do you know that you have chosen the right program, when there are currently a lot of options on the market? How do you increase your chances of being accepted? There are some things that need to be thought through before submitting your company or business idea for consideration.

Today we are sharing what you should know before applying for an accelerator.

Why should I apply for an accelerator?

An acceleration program is a program aimed at a selected group of startups, with the goal of taking them further. These programs provide support in improving and expanding your business, through training and mentoring to improve business skills, contact with investors and customers, and even financial support. These can be a real getaway especially for first-time founders and with little knowledge of the startup ecosystem.

In short, the main benefits of applying for one of these programs are:

  • Advice: the transmission of strategic knowledge to enter the market successfully;

  • Network: in addition to support in improving your pitch, these programs allow you to connect with valuable stakeholders and even belong to international networks;

  • Investment: these programs are a good way to reach investors or even win monetary prizes to launch your business

You probably know of several success stories that started with this type of program. This is the case of Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit and the list goes on. Some well-known startups have also resulted from BGI's acceleration programs, such as