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Why are Podcasts gaining more popularity?

Let’s talk about it. What are podcasts? Why are they popular? Why should you listen to them? We’re going to give you a brief on how podcasts became so popular and why you should start to pay more attention to them.

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What are podcasts?

Put it simply, a podcast is a series of digital episodes, mainly in audio format, likely stored within a podcast hosting company. However, creators of this type of content sometimes provide their own podcasts with visual content as this is a good way to engage with their listeners and a good tactic to grow their audience and visualization numbers.

One good thing about this type of digital content is that you can hear it whenever you want - wherever you want (at work, at the gym, while cooking dinner, while cleaning your house..) - and it can be about whatever you feel like listening at that given time.

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Why do people love them so much?
  1. Because they’re convenient - you can hear your favorite podcasts wherever you want, whenever you want.

  2. They offer you an easy way of absorbing new information whilst doing something else.

  3. It offers you an endless variety and options - from true crime , comedy , pop culture, news, opinions - there is something for everyone. Giving listeners a large variety of content to choose from (typically updated every week or sometimes daily) keeps them engaged over a long period.

  4. They’re easy to access and oftentimes, free to listen.

  5. They provide a feeling of belonging to a community. These communities surrounding the audio-format content is one of the assets that make podcasts so unique and apart from other entertainment-based mediums.

Have podcasts been gaining more popularity?

Yes. In fact, the last couple of years, with more time being spent at home, and in order to find new ways of distraction, besides watching television, people have been reaching out to podcasts, in order to have a bigger sense of connection and choice of subjects to know and learn more about (when it comes to what they want to hear).

According to Forbes, the increasing adoption and advancement of technology (Google Home, Amazon Echo,...), will make podcasts even easier to access, increasing their popularity. Another thing is the fact that younger generations are the most avid podcast listeners and “loyal” to their podcasts. Many of them even develop a specific routine to listen to them.

If you are not into podcasts yet, we strongly recommend you give them a try. Compare them to a great radio show, but you get to decide what topic you feel like learning about and listening.

Don’t know where to start from nor what to listen to? Let us help you with some great news...

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