Vodafone Power Lab Alumni

2nd Edition


Mobile application to correct the posture during physical exercise through artificial intelligence and computational vision.


FlexiDAO is a cleantech start-up that provides a software platform that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to provide energy data management tools needed to offer new smart energy services.


This startups allows you to scan identification documents and store them in a digital wallet, allowing you to share documents online in a secure and encrypted way.


This startup helps companies to understand and to reduce energy consumption. It is a web-based energy tracking, analyzing and benchmarking platform designed for commercial buildings. They provide a full view, 360° visibility, on Energy consumption in commercial buildings.


NIMEST uses AR to make interactions with technology more humanized, with avatars that are able to express emotions and show body language


Oveit provides cashless payments solutions for global events and venues that increase revenue by 30 to 60% and improve user experience, within and outside their venues. Oveit focus on helping clients to increase in-venue purchases, increase their revenue and improve the visitors’ experiences.


A startup that develops dashboards and equipment to improve the working conditions and productivity of organizations.


This startup develops, operates, maintains and supplies solutions for electric mobility, namely software and hardware. As well as the development of other activities in electric mobility, including the trade of electricity for electric mobility, the operation of charging stations, electric vehicle fleet management and parking services to electric vehicles.

Dalma Systems

This startup develops AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) which are intelligent robots that can move and navigate without any external assistance.


This startup has fully tested photonic integrated circuits over the last 6 years and holds significant experience and facilities to perform full characterization at a component, module, and transceiver level. By having their lab equipped to provide not only the full characterization of individual components but also to enable the photonic integrated circuit in a subsystem if required.

Full Venue

http://This startups develops an AI platform that accurately predicts the percentage of a specific fan going to a club's next game enabling person targeted marketing campaigns to influence venue attendance decision


footAR is a startup that has as its goal of transforming the tv experience making it an immersive experience. You can use your smartphone and your TV to have further information


Develops an unique neural network for different diagnoses united by ONE PLATFORM
AI platform that analyses X-ray/tomography scans, and defines the diagnosis with 95% accuracy in seconds

Nau & Work.r

This is the collaboration between two companies specializing in AI solutions to recognize interests and intentions and automated and personalized responses


collectID helps brands to guarantee the authenticity of their products at any time by creating a digital twin of the products on blockchain. Additionally, Brands create a unique and continuous communication channel based on their products and gain valuable first-party data about the owners.

Ermes Cybersecurity

The Ermes Cyber Security team has designed, engineered, thoroughly tested and made available Ermes Internet Shield, the solution that prevents the threats coming from the web. It automatically filters web traffic, seamlessly authorizing legitimate traffic and blocking web tracker traffic, or web threats in general.

Live Drive

This is a company dedicated to the challenges of sustainable mobility with a special focus on energy efficiency


http://Statful is a next generation of data aggregation and visualization platform. That brings together raw data streams to show the full spectrum of your business.


Wearable bracelet for remote monitoring vital signals, adapted for elders and non-tech population, that can be integrated with standard data protocols of hospital and clinics management software.

1st Edition


Startup that creates environmentally friendly solutions while simultaneously ensuring more efficiency and sustainability. Its technology allows to control building climate systems using smartphones.


Startup that develops a therapeutic and innovative system for anxiety disorders through gameplay. It measures brain activity and trains the brain through neuro feedback processes.


Startup that collects neuro feedback with its headband and measures users' brain waves and heart rate. With the data produces a report that identifies the stimuli that most affect individuals. Allows you to check the results of each participant and compare them over several sessions


Startup that provides low cost irrigation solutions to mitigate environmental problems. Through its IoT system allowing to automate, monitor, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Through its sensors you can determine the conditions of the space, your needs, creating an irrigation that meets the specific needs.

Fractal Mind

Develops gamified and personalized experiences / solutions based on the challenges posed by its customers.


Fintech startup that develops a payment system through facial recognition through its unique technology, allowing you to receive payments directly through your smartphone.


Watt-Is - It collects energy data that it transforms into information with its cloud-based platform, allowing to check energy consumption in real time and implement energy saving measures.

IKI My Eyes

InfiniteFoudry - Startup that allows the digitization of buildings and infrastructure. It aims to optimize industrial areas in 3 dimensions, with its 3D laser scan it measures the interior plan of the spaces and creates a 360 degree view of the building's interior panorama


Entertainment startup that through augmented reality and 5G creates digital worlds. It was Vodafone Portugal's startup of the year in 2018 and they are starting a pilot with Vodafone Qatar.

Invisible Collector

Startup that develops a SaaS solution that places debtors and creditors on the same page, using AI, by identifying the most effective contact and collection actions for each customer segment


Startup de fintech que desenvolve um sistema de pagamento através de reconhecimento facial através da sua tecnologia única, permitindo receber pagamentos diretamente através do smartphone.


Startup that creates a platform that makes it possible to sell, buy and exchange bio-digital goods in tokenized trees. Its solution allows participants to invest in mitigating CO2 emissions in a transparent and sustainable way


InfiniteFoudry - Startup that allows the digitization of buildings and infrastructure. It aims to optimize industrial areas in 3 dimensions, with its 3D laser scan it measures the interior plan of the spaces and creates a 360 degree view of the building's interior panorama

K factory

A company that digitizes manufacturing processes, improving performance, management and production efficiency. With its IoT and machine learning system, it allows real-time visualization of production.

Cardio ID

It develops a solution for processing the cardiac signals of the driver (e.g. a driver or a cyclist), acquired from your hands, allowing you to monitor signs of fatigue, health indicators or function as a security system.

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