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BGI is an accelerator and powerhouse, equipping startups and entrepreneurs from all over the world with the right knowledge, tools and networks to succeed. We have a multidisciplinary team and a vast network of mentors and partners committed to taking you further. Your success is our success.

building global innovators
building global innovators
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Beginning of MIT Portugal Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) Initiative.
Creation of MIT Portugal Venture competition, with a fund of 6.8 million from caixa capital.
Beginning of Boston Global Immersion
Company incorporated as BGI S.A.

Partnership with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Creation of i-Danha Food Lab.
Beginning of ScaleUp Portugal project.
Obtaining €1.6 million grants for the creation of a collaborative laboratory in Idanha-a-Nova.
Creation of BGI Brasil. Opening of the Food4Sustainability CoLAB.
BGI Sustainable Ventures.Coordination of a new investment for a Recirculating acquaponics System to be installed in Portugal.
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We are builders. Effortless doers.

We build, we create, we partner, we support. In the name of mother earth, we dare you to join us in the quest of fighting climate change through innovation.We need startups, corporate, SMEs, universities, accelerators, incubators, research centers, and public bodies. We need you to help us on our quest. And we will never stop. Together we will create the future. We are at the forefront of preservation, so there is a future to innovate for.

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