Sustainable Ventures

Empowering global innovators to lead the way towards a sustainable future. 

Who are we?

Building global innovators

Sustainable Ventures is our signature. Sustainability is our DNA.
After more than a decade of empowering and accelerating global deep-tech startups, BGI is committed to generating value from a sustainability perspective. We help technology-based startups and SMEs to achieve their environmental, business and economic sustainability goals. Our brand was built around disruptive innovation, sustainability, opportunity creation and smart financing.We unlock your path to success.

Together we create a better tomorrow.
What do we believe in?

We Breathe Sustainability

We believe we can catalyse sustainability through innovation, education and insights from the ecosystem. ​We use top notch methodologies coming from our genesis at MIT, and have an outstanding 13 years old track record.

​We are at the forefront of preservation, so there is a future to innovate for:

Our Opportunities

Scaleup Portugal

This report identifies the 25 most promising Portuguese scaleups (TOP 25) within a 5 year period

EIT Food Seedbed Incubator

RIS Inspire – HealthySoil4Soil 2.0 Food Edition

an exceptional 3-week online course, brimming with fresh content and abundant resources.


i-Danha Food Lab

he main goal of this initiative is to bring together various agri-food stakeholders who are committed to accelerating the revolution in food systems to make them more sustainable and support our societies and the planet.

17th of November

EIT Food Seedbed Incubator

EIC Services

BGI offers you a wide range of services, resources and expertise to take your business to the next level!


Sustainable Foods Test Bed

Testing and experimentation facilities for sustainable food production

EIT Food Seedbed Incubator

BGI Numbers

Our numbers are the result of a decade of driving global innovators.

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