RIS Inspire – HealthySoil4Food 2.0 Food Edition
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RIS Inspire – HealthySoil4Food 2.0 Food Edition


After the success of the 2023 Summer edition, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of the EIT Food RIS Inspire HealthySoil4Food Winter School. Prepare yourself for an exceptional 3-week online course, brimming with fresh content and abundant resources. This immersive experience is specifically designed to empower individuals through theoretical and applied cases who wish to achieve a more sustainable agri-food system. Get ready to acquire sustainable farming knowledge and tools to spearhead innovative products in the agri-food sector!

Registration for the EIT Food RIS Inspire HealthySoil4Food Edition Winter School is now open! Join our vibrant community and get the chance to be among the first participants in this edition!
RIS Inspire – HealthySoil4Food 2.0 Food Edition

Who is it for?

The programme has been developed and will be delivered by an outstanding collaborative group composed by Food4Sustainability (Portugal), and BGI (Portugal). This unique programme features teaching by academic experts, industry players, farmers and practitioners, mentors, and agri-food startups.

This course is mostly targeted to professionals working in food production, processing, and distribution, interested in innovating in the food system. We seek individuals from diverse backgrounds, including Food Science, Engineering, Business/Marketing, Informatics, Computational Science,  Other Sciences and more.

Only participants from RIS countries can apply: Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, French Guiana, Greece, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Réunion, Saint Martin, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine.


As a learner, you will develop your knowledge on soil health through soil biodiversity, eco-friendly pest control, and mycorrhiza management for farm success through applied cases that link soil health to farm economics. As you progress you learn alternatives to chemical inputs towards better health and wellbeing.
This will help you to develop (or understand?) innovative products or techniques with an impact on the food system and health.
Unlocking the potential of microbes to help farmers to boost the farm’s bottom line will enable you to create solutions to global challenges such as crop resilience and human health.


Understanding the challenges and opportunities to sustainable farming will enable you to create and implement solutions to global challenges such as remain competitive in agriculture while contributing to human health. The programme has been developed and will be delivered by an outstanding collaborative group composed of European universities, institutes, food industry companies, farmers, and agri-food startups. This unique programme features teaching by highly skilled academics, practitioners, industry players and mentors in entrepreneurship in the food system from Food4Sustainability (Portugal), BGI (Portugal), Idanha-a-Nova Municipality (Portugal), Quinta da Cholda (Portugal), Dardico (Portugal), Monliz (Portugal), VGT (Portugal) and The Grand Farm (Austria).

Duration & Important Dates

This course will last 3 weeks: 

Week1 - 27th November to 30th November
(Module 1: Soil Biology and sustainable farming)
Week2 - 4th December to 6th December
(Module 2: Soil health and soil policies)
Week 3 - 11th December to 13th December
(Module 3: Soil Health and Food)

All sessions run from 15h30 to 18h30 (WEST)

Structure & Modules

Over a period of 3 weeks, the programme will provide a dynamic and supportive environment for you to develop your knowledge on soil health, eco-friendly farming practices, sustainable agriculture and the merge with food health.

During the full programme you will develop your entrepreneurial mindset and learn how you can transform your ideas into business propositions.

During the weeks, the programme will take place online with a combination of asynchronous and learning resources and live (synchronous) interactive virtual sessions:

Module 1: HealthSoil4Food Kick-off; How to assess soil health in practice? Introduction to the challenges in soil health, sustainable agriculture, and bio-based fertilizers. 

⦁ Soil biology & sustainable farming: Farming for the future: leveraging soil web biodiversity for sustainable agriculture.
 ⦁ NextGen of bio-based fertilizers: PGPB (plant growth promoting bacteria):  From soil health to crop yield: the potential application of biofertilizers
.⦁ NextGen of bio-based fertilizers: Mycorrhizal:  Unlocking the secret ingredient: arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi management for tomato, maize, and vine farming success.
⦁ Regenerative soil practices: Farming smarter, not harder: reducing inputs and boosting the farm’s bottom line.

Module 2: The Soil – importance, overview of tools for soil health assessment, some policies and funding in food system. 

⦁ Soil health assessment: qualitative tools: Visual soil diagnosis: a window into soil health and sustainability.
⦁ Soil health assessment: quantitative tools: Microbes know no boundaries: case studies of microbiome diversity across regions.
⦁ Policy & Funding: The future of farming: soil law, eco-schemes, and the digital transformation.

Module 3: How is soil health connected to human health? In this module, you will learn the merge between soil and food. 

⦁ Soil Health and Food: From farm to fork to gut: understanding food’s role in our well-being
⦁ Legumes: consumers & producers: Cultivating change: legumes as dual agents for nutrition and soil regeneration

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