EIT Climate-KIC


MED ClimAccelerator

Acceleration program focused on climate impact by cleantech commercialisation. It boosts innovation by supporting startups in 3 mediterranean countries: Portugal, Malta and Cyprus.​

In 3 stages, our program brings you the knowledge, resources, tools and the coaching a cleantech startup needs for success.​

Stage 1: Funding up to €5.000
Stage 2: Funding up to €20.000
Stage 3: Business Development Support
Access to Europe’s largest CleanTech accelerator
International Network
Access to potential investors and clients
Personalized Mentoring and Coaching

The program looks for innovators with ideas to takle climate change that fulfil the following criteria:

-Have a breakthrough business model, exponential technology, or solution with substantial climate impact;
-Core value proposition can be based on digital as well as non-digital solutions;
-Proof of Concept (POC) exists, (ideally) with a proven need for the solution;
-The startup is composed by a motivated team (at least two founders);
-The team is committed to participate in the programme activities;
-The team can work in an English-speaking environment.

Our numbers

Our numbers are the result of a decade of driving global innovators.

Applications Received
Startups Accelerated
Total Dilutive Funding
Capital Raised
Total Non-Dilutive Funding
Survival Rate
Highly Qualified Created Jobs

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