EIT Digital Venture Program

EIT Digital Venture Program

EIT Digital Venture Program is a competition for teams of entrepreneurs with strong value propositions and an existing prototype or Proof of Concept (PoC) who are eager to finalise a minimum viable product (MVP) during an intensive eight-week Pre-Acceleration Phase.  Venture teams are also provided with up to €25,000 to help them launch their startup.

The programme operates in five regions and will be delivered by selected EIT Digital innovation partners - Found.ation Athens, Startup Wise Guys Tallin, BGI Lisbon and ABC Accelerator Ljubljana - each covering specific countries.

Teams of entrepreneurs that are residents of Portugal and Malta

To be eligible, interested teams from the above mentioned countries must fulfil the following criteria:

Teams must have an innovative business idea with a PoC or prototype in Digital Industry, Digital Tech, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Finance or Digital Cities.Teams must consist of at least two members and be multidisciplinary, with technology and management skills Teams must not have already established a legal entity for the project in question.

Our numbers

Our numbers are the result of a decade of driving global innovators.

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