Sustainable Foods Test Bed

Testing and experimentation facilities for sustainable food production

For digital innovators working in the agri-food sector, the Sustainable Foods test bed provides a broad range of services for testing and experimentation of novel digital products, for soil and soilless food production.

These test bed services can be co-funded up to 75%.

We aim to support 45 new commercially viable products accelerate from TRL 4 (technology validated in laboratory conditions) to between TRL 7 (prototype demonstration in operational environment) and TRL 9 (system proven in operational)
Why Join?

For innovators in the agri-food sector

If you are a SME developing digital products for the agri-food sector, briefly present your product here and we can help you tailoring the testing & experimentation that best fits the profile for a successful TRL upgrade.

Relevant digital technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing (HPC), cybersecurity, additive manufacturing, robotics, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), internet of things (IoT), data science and big data, advanced materials, nanotechnology, micro/ nanoelectronics, photonics, simulation, cyberphysical systems (CPS), blockchain, mobility, and connectivity, among other.

Access to testbed services is open, transparent, non-discriminatory, and non-competitive with existing market offerings.

Find out more about the eligibility requirements to receive public funding.

Who are we?

Combining physical production facilities with digital twins and simulators

BGI and Food4Sustainability (F4S) joined forces to make the Sustainable Foods testbed a one-stop-shop for digital solution development and validation in the agri-food sector.

BGI is a deep-tech accelerator that provides venture training and capacity building, access to funding and market-entry support through its vetted processes and broad international network (Europe, USA, Brazil), including EIT knowledge and innovation communities. 

F4S is a Collaborative Laboratory that provides scientific and technological expertise in food systems and sustainability, bridging from new knowledge creation to market-ready solutions. F4S focuses on multitrophic systems, by-product valorisation, soil health and function, regenerative farming, nature-based solutions, reduction of use of synthetic fertilizers and biocontrol agents, rational use of water, ecosystem services monitoring, and healthy eating.
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BGI and F4S are installing a pre-commercial aquaponic system in the port of Nazaré [link to google maps], comprising aquaculture fish tanks, hydroponic beds and towers, and microalgae raceways. This facility will be used to demonstrate how to achieve optimal balance and solve common issues with Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture systems and support the development and operation of large commercial aquaponic facilities.

The Sustainable Food Test Bed is working with farmers to improve their economic returns, environmental footprint, and social impact, whose facilities can be used for test bed services. Check out our partner locations or propose a test site.
Sustainable FoodsTest Bed

How does it work

Beneficiaries of the support include companies of any size or legal form, from the private or public sectors. In the case of Test Beds Excellence Europe, eligible consortia may include Non-Business Research and Development (R&D) System Entities, provided that the application is approved under the Testing and Experimentation Facilities of the Digital Europe Program. Eligible expenses include investment in tangible and intangible assets, as well as costs related to personnel and administration. Funding for companies responsible for creating and operating the Test Bed ranges from 50% to 90% depending on the type of expense, location, and the support amount transferred to SMEs and startups participating through the provision of more favorable conditions for the development of new products and services
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