a fully operational pilot unit for innovation in aquaponic production and R&D systems


AmpliAqua presents a fully operational unit of an aquaponic system that aims to adopt sustainable and viable in-land aquaponics practices, addressing the pressing challenges faced by traditional fish farming.

By integrating new solid waste management solutions, implementing cost-effective techniques to avoid fish flavor issues, and leveraging advanced IT tools, AmpliAqua sets the stage for a transformation in the aquaculture industry.

Addressing Critical Challenges

Food systems are a major contributor to the consequences of climate change and environmental degradation. AmpliAqua recognizes the urgency to shift towards a more sustainable agrifood system as part of the EU's Green Deal strategies.

How AmpliAqua is Making a Difference

Aquaculture and hydroponics, when combined in a balanced manner with proper micronutrient management - aquaponics -, have the potential to establish ecologically sound and robust agrifood systems. This approach aligns with the principles advocated by EU strategies and the Green Deal, fostering a symbiotic ecosystem that minimizes land and water usage while actively contributing to reducing CO2 emissions.
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AmpliAqua's Multitrophic System: Benefits For All

AmpliAqua's positive impact is far-reaching. By harnessing this transformative technology, fish farmers around the world, even those with limited resources, can promote sustainable food production and combat the effects of climate change.

Strengthening Partnerships

AmpliAqua is not just a project, it’s a vision for a more sustainable
future supported by EEA Grants and EIT Food, and designed by a group of partners:


Pioneering accelerator of deep tech startups with a strong focus on sustainability. With a proven track record of supporting over 150 ventures in preparing Go-to-Market strategies, BGI brings invaluable expertise to the project.


Collaborative laboratory of the national scientific and technological system that focuses on ensuring that cutting-edge and sustainable R&D products successfully reach the agri-food market


Company specializing in engineering focused on aquaculture, whose contributions are vital to the success of AmpliAqua.


Spin-out company from SINTEF, the largest independent research institute in Scandinavia, providing consulting and management services to projects that require international cooperation.


Norwegian aquaculture consulting company with a primary emphasis on land-based aquaculture production.

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